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Aren Contracting is a premier renovation contractor in New York. Flooring is one of the many services we specialize in. While our company is based on providing quality services to our customers, we do take pride in being able to make the dreams of our customers come true.

For nearly 20 years now, we have been helping New Yorkers renovate their homes, remodel their bathrooms and kitchens, getting rid of plumbing and electrical issues at their homes, and take care of painting jobs and flooring. Not only have we gathered many experiences working in a myriad of projects with both residential and commercial customers throughout these years, but we have also gained popularity as the most reliable full service renovation contracting service in New York.

It is needless to say that our professional craftsmen are extremely good at handling all flooring related matters from fixing squeaks in your hardwood floors to full installations. Our craftsmen will not only make sure to complete your flooring project right on time, but they will also make sure that the results you desire are accomplished without exceeding your budget.

Our goal is to provide our customers with long lasting results for the most competitive prices in the market. No matter how large or small the project is, our team will handle it expertly and provide you with the most excellent results within the shortest period of time.

If you want great flooring deals and long lasting results, contact us today!

Aren Contracting The leading flooring contractor in New York

Flooring is one of the most important aspects of a home or office renovation project. The floor design does not only add elegance to a home, but it also contributes to increasing the value of the home, which is why you should have professionals take care of your flooring project.

Family owned and operated, Aren Contracting has handled hundreds of small as well as large scale flooring projects for both residential and commercial customers.  We believe the experiences our team of experts has gathered over the time of 20 years will be a valuable input to make your home or office flooring project a complete success. Our talented flooring installers and refinishers will guarantee fast, elegant and long lasting results that you desire and for a price that won’t break your budget.

A wide range of flooring services

Aren Contracting is a full service flooring contractor. We provide a wide array of flooring services throughout New York.

Refinishing and stain removal

After years of use, the floor of a home or an office does need a thorough cleaning to freshen it up and renew its appearance. Our refinishing and stain removal services will help remove years of wear from your floor and make it look fresh as new. And we provide fast results!

Floor Installation

We will remove your current flooring and install a new one within the shortest period of time. We specialize in hardwood flooring, vinyl flooring, tiling etc.

Wood floor repair

After years of use, a wood floor would be damaged. Wood would be stained, discolored and wood planks would be broken and squeak – Aren Contracting will fix all these damages and repair your hardwood floor back to its original state.

Water damage restoration

We also specialize in repairing hardwood floors that may have suffered water damage.

Borders and Medallions

A design on your floor would simply double the elegance of your house. Our talented craftsmen are really good at coming up with unique customized designs and medallions for your floors.

We specialize not only in hardwood flooring but also in all kinds of tile work. We also undertake both residential as well as commercial flooring projects. We are in fact the one-stop shop for all your flooring needs. And we don’t hesitate to say that we are also the best when it comes to providing the fastest and the most long lasting results.

The best team of flooring contractors in New York

The reputation we enjoy as the leading renovating contractor in New York owes itself to the Aren Contracting team. Our team is made of talented and licensed professionals who have worked in the field for many years. They know what they do, and they do it just right.

You can rely on them 100% to provide the best results. They work effortlessly and efficiently, hence providing you excellent results within the shortest amount of time. They will work closely with you throughout the project, making sure that your requirements are fulfilled in the most convenient way possible for you.

At Aren Contracting we always say that the satisfaction of our customers is our top priority and it is the goal we try to accomplish with each project we undertake. Thus we guarantee you that we will work tirelessly until we know you are happy with the outcome we provide!

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Aren Contracting uses the latest technology and time-tested techniques that are guaranteed to generate fast and enduring results. And if you are looking for a reliable flooring contractor that will provide you excellent results for a competitive price, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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