New York’s One and Only Full-Service Remodeling and Renovation Contactor

Are you planning on renovating your Home? Remodeling your Kitchen or Bathroom? Painting your walls with a new vibrant color and laying a new hardwood floor? If you are, then you have come to the right place!

Aren Contracting is the leading residential and commercial contractor in New York! We provide an array of services to meet all your contracting related needs, from full office and home renovation to small electrical and plumbing repairs.

We aim to put a smile on your face

We have been providing our unparalleled services to New Yorkers for nearly twenty years now, and as our repeated customers say, we never fail to exceed our customers’ expectations. When we undertake a contracting project for our clients, we make sure to work tirelessly until they are content with the outcome we have provided.

Our Team

We have a team of licensed and skilled contractors who have been with us from the very beginning. Over the years, they have evolved from being amateur contractors to fully-experienced ones with the ability to complete any home renovation or remodeling project they undertake professionally and smoothly.

They are talented, experienced and efficient, and their attention to detail is unique! They will not only make  sure that your home/ apartment/ office renovation will run smoothly from the very beginning to the end, but they will also ensure that your dreams are accomplished without exceeding your budget.

The years of experience our guys have gathered generating the most excellent results that would stand the test of time from scratch is certainly an invaluable input to every project they undertake. We assure that our team will not fail to complete the renovation and repairing projects they take on right on time and right on budget.


As one of the leading commercial and residential contractors who have worked on over hundreds of small as well as large scale projects, we make sure that we are up to date where technology is concerned in the contracting industry.

While we use state of the art equipment to complete all the tasks in a renovation project, we make sure that the modern technology is applied in such a way that would increase our efficiency and would not pose a threat to our clients or the environment.

The safety of our clients is important to us as much as their satisfaction is hence we utilize technology to produce efficient and long lasting results while making sure that the environment and our clients are not threatened in the process.

Our Services

 Full Renovation/Remodeling

We specialize in full home, apartment and office renovation. We handle all aspects of a full renovation from the initial phase of demolition to the final phase of painting, flooring and cleaning.


We provide demolition services throughout New York to both commercial and residential customers. We are well equipped and resourced to handle both small scale and large scale demolition projects and all aspects of a demolition process from full-building demolition to cleaning out debris.


We provide all-kind of repair services for your home, apartment or office renovation projects electrical repairs, flooring repairs, painting repairs, plumbing repairs and more.


We are a leading painting service provider in New York. We handle all kind of painting projects, from color consulting to wallpaper removal and full exterior and interior painting.


Aren Contracting is fully equipped with a team of professional plumbers who are well-experienced in smoothly taking care of all your plumbing related needs from fixing broken valves to full plumbing system replacement and installations.


We are also fully equipped with a team of professional electricians who specialize in providing seamless electrical contracting services, from indoor and outdoor lighting to replacing hazardous panels and breakers.

Kitchen Remodeling

We handle all aspects of kitchen remodeling, from coming up with a unique remodel design to installing new plumbing systems. If you are planning a kitchen remodel, contact us right away.

Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom renovation is also one of the services Aren Contracting specializes in. We will take care of all aspects of bathroom renovations, from selecting materials and a new design to flooring.


Aren Contracting also provides flooring services. Our craftsmen will provide solutions to all your flooring related needs, from stain removal to floor borders and medallions.

One-stop shop for all your contracting needs

We enjoy the reputation of being the one-stop shop for all your contracting needs in the market. While we provide services unmatched, we do so for a very competitive price that our customers cannot resist.

While we prioritize the satisfaction of our customers, we take pride in providing quality service to meet all their requirements.

When our customers entrust us with their dreams, we aim to make sure that they are accomplished in the most convenient way possible for them. Every project is different, and each involves its unique demand. Our team is broad and knowledgeable and they’re qualified to handle nearly any task that may arise on a project.

That is why we make it our duty to ensure our work is beyond satisfactory. That we do guarantee!

We shall not cease working until you are satisfied with our services. We do our best to keep cost down and at the same time to make sure that we provide the best quality services possible.

Do not hesitate to contact us. Grab your phone and dial our number. We are available to answer any question you may have any time of any day!

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