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Aren Contracting is a leading residential and commercial painting service in New York. For over fifteen years, we have been providing unparalleled workmanship in the industry, winning a reputation for providing the highest level of service in interior and exterior painting.

Our painters are experts in what they do with their talent, combined with the years of experience they have gathered, they can certainly turn your home in to a beautiful portrait that you will never want to take off your walls.

Whether you want your small apartment painted or your large office painted, you can rely on Aren Contracting to get the job done efficiently. We will make sure that everything is done within your budget and to your satisfaction. Plus our skilled painters are quick in what they do as much as they are meticulous and skilled, hence we will make sure that the project is completed right on time!

We are a fully insured and licensed paint service provider in New York. We specialize in all kinds of painting related services, from interior painting to ceiling and wall leaking repairs and repainting.

Contacting Aren Contracting for residential or commercial painting services is the fastest way to transform your living space to a work of art! We guarantee your satisfaction with every service we provide.

Aren Contracting Residential and Commercial Painting Services, NYC

Are you ready to get your home or office painted? Have you decided which color you are going to choose? Are you wondering when you are going to start on this project?

We are glad that you came to us for assistance to answer all these questions. We do in fact have the answers. We will not only help you select the perfect color for your home, apartment or office, but we will also take care of the painting job right away.

Aren Contracting have a team of expert and talented painters who know how to finish their job efficiently and quickly. They have the experience and they know all the tricks to make your home/office look elegant with the strokes of their paint brushes.

We provide a range of painting related services

  • Complete interior and exterior apartment/office painting
  • Wall painting
  • Ceiling painting
  • Wallpaper removal and installation
  • Windows and doors painting
  • Baseboard and crown moldings
  • Staining and finishing
  • Drywall and plaster repair
  • Stripping and refinishing
  • Color consulting


Before we start on the project, we will consult with you, talking to you about your requirements and understanding your needs. Once we decide on the color, we will then prepare the area to be painted cleaning the surfaces, scruff- sanding peeling or loose paint, filling cracks and holes in the walls, sealing water marks, and fixing other issues such as leaking walls.

Yes, we will also make sure that all the furniture, the floor and your other belongings are covered properly. Finishing the project as efficiently and successfully as possible is our only goal.

Quality professional paint job

Aren Contracting, the leading NYC renovation contractors, have the best team of professional painters. Whether it is one room or the entire house, an office or a chain of offices, our team will handle it efficiently.

We will not only provide excellent results for you, but we will make sure that everything is done right on time without breaking your budget and without making a mess of your house. We are clean, efficient and reliable.

Your safety and your satisfaction are always the top priority for our team at Aren Contracting. The reason we have come this far in the industry is because we have always put the satisfaction of our clients and the quality of the services we provide first and we intend to do so in the future. So we guarantee 100% satisfaction for all our clients whether we are renovating your house, remodeling your kitchen or painting your bedroom.

You can rely on us

Did you know that the most affordable and the easiest way to give your house an instant makeover is to change the color of its walls?

Well, you can certainly rely on Aren contracting to get a quick and smooth makeover for your house, apartment or office.  Our talented painters, their impressive attention to detail and the state of the art technology we use, will ensure excellent results that will cater to your complete satisfaction.

Contact us!

A color has the power to inspire, increase productivity, relax your mind or put you in a jovial mood. This is why the painting aspect of your home should be given meticulous attention from the selection of colors to its application.

Aren Contracting will take care of the entire process and all we expect from you is to help us pick the color you want, and we will make sure that you choose the perfect color for your home or office.

Don’t hesitate to call one of our professionals and consults us. We are always available to assist you with all your home remodeling needs!

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